NEXIO Touchscreens

Screen Sizes: 15″ to 84″

NEXIO Co., Ltd is a worldwide leading touch screen manufacturer with an excellence in Infrared original technology. Our NEXIO range offers Infrared and ProCap touchscreen solutions from 15″ to 84” & more to meet all major industry requirements.

ELO Touchscreens

Screen Sizes: 15″ to 22″

Elo invented the touchscreen back in the 1970s, they might not be a household name but they are the developers of world leading technology in this area. Elo have spent the 40 years since reinventing the way we shop, pay, work and play.

NEC Touchscreens

Screen Sizes: 32″ to 84″

Our NEC touch screens deliver true multi-touch support with a minimum of five simultaneous touch points. Thanks to a unique anti-reflective coating, reflections are reduced to a minimum which significantly increases the readability of the content shown on the screen.